Each character in the text represents a different aspect of society, and we can see how these different aspects engage and relate to one another.
Hair: Every boys hair changes throughout the story, this shows the gradual descent into barbarism. However, Piggy’s hair remains short (it stays the same throughout the story) this could be Golding showing that Piggy retains his morality as the other boys lose theirs.

Name: Ralph
Appearance: Fair hair, male, young, described as taller than Piggy (shows his dominance/power of this character) Athletic and strong, “boxer’s body’
Language: It is clear that Ralph comes from a working class background,  from his language. He uses loose slang.
Origins: Is introduced to us at the very beginning, the first character that we are introduced to.
Relationships: Piggy is his closest ‘friend’ a  has an ally in Samneric, constantly having confrontations with Jack a struggle for power between them. Is respected and seen as a leader amongst the younger boys in the beginning.

Democracy, reasoning, order

Name: Jack

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